Pneumothorax is a condition in which there is an accumulation of gas within the pleural space between the lung and the chest wall. Without prompt management, pneumothorax can lead to total lung collapse and other potentially fatal complications. Pneumothorax remains a globally important health problem with considerable associated morbidity and healthcare costs.

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The Solution*

Zebra’s Pneumothorax algorithm automatically detects findings suggestive of Pneumothorax based on CR, DR and/or DX scans and outputs an alert. Through a worklist integration, the scan is then flagged for the radiologist to address it in a timely manner.


Customers with busy ED/ER environments, teleradiology, large academic centers and others use the Zebra pneumothorax triage solution as an alert for acute positive pneumothorax cases and attend those in a timely manner.

The Value

Pneumothorax is one of the most acute findings found in chest x-ray exams. If left untreated, a pneumothorax can progress to a potentially fatal tension pneumothorax.

This condition is most commonly diagnosed by a chest X-ray scan, though it is one of the hardest to interpret, and is known for high disagreement rates even between experienced radiologists. Misdiagnosis or late-diagnosis of Pneumothorax impacts around 74,000 Americans per year.

Zebra Triage solution allows robust integration into existing alert systems within the hospital, aiding ER physicians to be alerted promptly on acute cases such as Pneumothorax. Our customers provide the highest quality standard of care, enhancing patient safety through prompt communication.

Zebra-Med’s Triage solution for pneumothorax has proven to save physicians more than 80% of the time taken to reach the X-ray and therefore diagnose the acute condition.

Dr. Terence A. Matalon
Chairman of Imaging,
Albert Einstein Medical Center

In a clinical validation study we performed, Zebra-med’s acute CXR pneumothorax and CT Brain bleed products demonstrated a promising potential to substantially reduce turn around time and increase the radiologist’s confidence in making these diagnoses” said Dr. Terry Matalon, Chairman of Imaging at Albert Einstein Medical Center. “Seeing the software in action emphasized key aspects AI solutions must address in order impact our field: high accuracy, speed, seamless integration and the ability to work on multi-modalities such as X-ray and CT”


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