NLP Researcher


About The Position

Zebra medical vision is a leader in modern deep learning practices.

The Algorithms team is in charge of creating cutting edge algorithmic products which detect and diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions from medical images and text. These solutions help make medical diagnosis faster, more accurate and more accessible to millions of patients around the world.

Implement the latest Deep Learning and NLP algorithms, in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment.


  • Research, design and develop deep learning NLP algorithms to detect a wide variety of medical conditions from textual data.
  • Work with a multi-disciplinary team of medical doctors, engineers, and designers to deliver an end-to-end product: from the idea phase, through collecting and assessing the data, exploring algorithmic approaches, developing, testing, validating and monitoring the NLP environment.
  • Read and implement algorithms publications in the field of deep learning and NLP, as well as publish your own work, and contribute to the community via conferences/meetups etc.
  • Participate in long term research efforts, and build excellence in the field of deep learning for medical text.
  • Contribute to the team’s methodologies, best practices and toolset, share your work and give/receive feedback from peers in the team


  • Expertise in natural language processing, recurrent neural networks and machine learning
  • PhD with 2+ years of experience or MS with 4+ years of experience with NLP
  • Ability to consistently apply these skills to solving highly complex problems
  • Ability to translate business requirements from key stakeholders into applied data science tools and products
  • Develop and iterate on models and algorithms using Python
  • Work collaboratively with other team members to contribute towards building better solutions
  • Strength in communication: verbal, written, and interpersonal
  • Experience in the healthcare space is a plus

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